My Alibi for Android Coming Soon!

This Is My Alibi

Reliable, verifiable proof at your fingertips.

Every day innocent people are put away for crimes they didn’t commit.

With My Alibi, you can rest assured that you can reliably prove your whereabouts and reduce your chance of being wrongly convicted of a crime you didn’t commit. Businesses, Cities and Families can benefit and with our new app can all safely say “This is My Alibi!”

My Alibi Features

Prove Where You Were and When

With a location and time stamp using your smartphone’s data and GPS, My Alibi verifies your whereabouts with a fingerprint scan within a customizable time interval.

Data Cloud Storage

All of this data is stored in the cloud and is readily available in a user friendly log. Access to this information is on demand and can help prove your innocence.

Law Enforcement Agencies can use the My Alibi app to track low risk parolees and sex offenders.

Businesses with field reps, salespeople, technicians and drivers can use it to track their employees.

Families and Parents can use it to keep tabs on the whereabouts of their children and family members.

Download the app today!

How do you prove your innocence if no one is around? With the new, FREE app, My Alibi you can do just that!