This Is My Alibi

Your easy to use caseload monitoring app, and powerful alternative to ankle bracelets.

As the Prison Reform landscape changes, an increase in probation, parole and early release cases is an inevitable reality.

With the My Alibi App, you can rest assured that you can reliably and easily manage your caseload. Parole, probation, and community correctional officers can reduce the pressure of overwhelming caseloads while quickly identifying the whereabouts of the offender, and offenders have a quantifiable way to build integrity, trust, and accountability within their community and the legal system.

My Alibi Features

Know Where and When

With a location and time stamp using a smartphone’s data and GPS, My Alibi verifies the whereabouts of an offender with a facial recognition scan within a customizable time interval.

Data Cloud Storage

All of this data is stored in the cloud and is readily available in a user friendly management system, allowing officers to focus their attention on the more challenging offenders within their caseloads and generate PDF Activity Reports when necessary.

Law Enforcement Agencies can use the My Alibi app to track low risk parolees and sex offenders.

Probation/Parole/Community Corrections Agencies can remove the stress, pressure and frustration of overwhelming caseloads which can make their already difficult jobs unbearable.

Offenders now have a reliable and measurable opportunity to “Build Integrity” and “Accountability” within the legal system and the communities in which they live and work.

Mobile app coming soon!

It is overwhelming to manage all your caseloads! With the new, app, My Alibi makes it easy!